Another talk we gave in Warsaw about life under occupation

On 24th of March we were invited again to give a talk about situation in Palestine. The meeting took place in Południk Zero and was co-organized by very welcoming people from Mandragon. We had a really long (1.5h!) slide show (we saw nobody leaving 🙂 ). The place was full of people, we estimate there was around 40 people interested in Palestinian topics with us!

Poster advertising our lecture

The second guest – Monikia Korowajczyk-Sujkowska from Polish Humanitarian Action mission in Palestine – gave also a very interesting picture of life and water-sanitation problems the Palestinians have to face in daily life.

Finally, we had a great pleasure to meet Moh – Palestinian activist living and working in Poland. We plan to organize Palestinian Land Day on 30th of March together.

It looks like it was the last meeting in Warsaw, please check our Facebook profile to find out further locations we are going to talk in (Kraków and Łódź at the moment are in the schedule) as well as details of Palestinian Land Day celebration!

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