Double Occupation

Although Israeli repressions is the main factor that makes life extremely difficult here, we were told that Palestinians feel like under “Double Occupation” – one of which is obviously an Israeli one and the other is internal – Palestianian. This feeling is caused by inequality and injustice in the Palestinian society and abuses committed by Palestinians at power, who can’t resist corruption and nepotism and represent their own interest only. In Ramallah there is a lot of villas and residences belonging to government employees, who couldn’t document income needed to buy them. Since they send their children to schools abroad, they stop to care about Palestinian education system, etc.

One of the houses in villas district in Ramallah

At the same time lots of people suffer poverty (for example about 60% in theJordanValley), and international help intended for them is wasted on the way eaten by corruption and doesn’t reach them at all.

Palestinian Authority administrative who came to demolition site drove Audi A4…

Citizens feel abandoned they don’t confine in Palestinian Authority, that doesn’t seem to represent their interest. PA guards and soldiers can take actions against the Palestianians to protect the Israelis, but in case of riots with Israeli army they disappear from the streets leaving people on their own.

PA soldiers

Not to mention lack of the freedom of speech. Some people agreed to talk to us only anonymously, being afraid of loosing job or other consequences of public criticism of PA.

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