During our stay in Palestine we learn a lot about the local situation and Palestinian-Israeli relation. Surprising is how few of these facts we encountered before in the Polish media. Picture that one gets here is a rather depressing. Palestinians are repressed by the Israeli government in many ways; all of them are justified by “security” reasons. However, we get an impression that Israel is doing its best to simply make life difficult her and it has little to do with security.

Below we list examples that we have either seen, heard or read about.

  • We don’t know how many posts are there in the West Bank, but we haven’t seen any and heard that lack of post services is a severe problem here.
  • Formal applications of Palestianian citizens wait in administrative units at least 30 days before they are processed.
  • If a Palestinian living, say in Eastern Jerusalem has a relative in, say in Ramallah, he looses his permit of stay in Jerusalem. As if his family was obligated to host him elsewhere and Jerusalem should remain a Jewish city. That means that if a Palestinian man from Jerusalem marries Palestinian woman, she doesn’t get a permit to stay in Jerusalem, but he looses his.
  • Israeli can access any area, even Palestinians like Ramallah any time, like in order to arrest an individual, etc.
  • Palestinians can be arrested without a reason, it is a so called “Administrative Detention”, which before functioned under British Mandate. We personally met a Palestinian, who was held in prison for two years without a reason. Moreover Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails are often not allowed to see their families for the whole sentence time, which might take years!
  • Locking up children in prisons is not unusual.
  • Palestinians need a special permit to enter various areas. They can’t travel wherever they want; West Bank is divided to regions between which one is not allowed to travel freely. Since they are not allowed to use some roads, sometimes they have to travel around on a much longer distance then a direct connection.
  • Israelis paying to Palestinian teachers more then PA is able to pay for teaching Palestinian children. Obviously in that case a teacher is obligated to use Israeli books and their version of history is applied.
  • Abusing cheap Palestinian labour has a long and notorious tradition in Israel. Palestianians working inIsraelwere not allowed to sleep there, so they had to travel back and forth every day, which could expand their working hours even to 17.
  • List of human rights violations is very long….
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