Night building

After depressing experience of house demolitions yesterday we finished the day with a hope giving act of resistance. At night we went to a nearby village called Al Fasayl to continue work on the mud-brick house. About twenty, thirty people from the village joined us to produce mud-bricks and construct the walls.

And why did we do it at night?

This house is located in area C, in which Palestinians are not allowed to build (you can read more about this place in the previous post ‘Construction versus destruction’). If Israeli soldiers saw us working, demolition or at least written order to leave the building site and stop the construction would be probable. This time we were accompanied by the public Palestinian TV crew, who shot a documentary about this event and our activities inJordanValley.

Al Fasayl village is divided into two parts: most of the houses, a school and a clinic are located in area B and people living there have access to water, electricity, etc. In the other part which is settled in area C, according to the Israeli plans any construction or renovation is prohibited. Nevertheless, thanks to the activists from the Jordan Valley Solidarity encouraging people and helping them to build houses, during the last two years Al Fasayl in area C has grown massively. Demolition of the all illegally built houses is not possible any more and would be like an open war against Palestinian inhabitants. We hope that this process will continue and the building we were constructing that night will serve as a Jordan Valley Solidarity friends’ meeting place just like the one in Al Jiftlik which we are staying in.

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