Demolitions in the Jordan Valley today

Today we had a very sad experience: we eye witnessed the demolition of the house in Al Malah village, not far from Al Jiftlik. We arrived when the demolition was already going on, the building had been almost destroyed to the ground. Israeli soldiers didn’t let us approach the demolition site, one of us tried but was pushed back. Still we were able to take some pictures. Bulldozer was protected by the police and about twenty soldiers including special forces unit that was armed as if they were about to go to war.

The family that owns destroyed building received a demolition notice and evacuation order. Although their case was still open in the court the army demolished their property anyway. How to explain that?

After taking the pictures, all help that we could provide was replanting an uprooted tree…

We also visited another village that suffered demolition today. Inhabitants assured us that no matter how many times the Israelis demolish their houses, they still will be building them back and hold their ground. What strong spirits they are.

Palestinians are not allowed to build houses, infrastructure (electricity, water pipes, roads, etc.) in about 95% of the territory in theJordanValley. Houses that are located in this area are being regularly demolished by the Israelis. Although Palestinians undergo demographical development they have no space to expand geographically; they are allowed to construct only in small areas designated by the Israeli state. Occupation forces demolish not only houses but also infrastructure, agricultural areas (uprooting trees), irrigation networks, etc.

In East Jerusalem the Palestinians are being forced to demolish their houses on their own; if they refuse they have to pay for the bulldozers squad that would eventually destroy their house anyway.

It will be a very sad memory from the beautiful JordanValley…

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