Closer look at our home village

We joined our fellows and spend a whole day visiting houses in local communities today. Great opportunity to look at the real life, meet people, take pictures while our colleagues and hosts were doing the paperwork.

Is not the Jordan Valley really breathtaking ?

Most of the houses that we visited were not finished and still required some work. Nevertheless they were all inhabited, even the one without the roof at all. Not much furniture can be found in the interiors; first of all here people posses much much less things then we, the Europeans can imagine. Or maybe difference in customs plays a role as well: we haven’t seen a couch even in a single living room, everywhere just mattresses on floors.

Living room

kitchen with a view

Part of a household

The Palestinians are not allowed to run electricity and water here; imagine rising a baby in such conditions. Fortunately they find their ways to get by.

Paulina with a baby

Everyone we met today lived either of farming or animals. People were cheerful and welcoming, we were offered super sweet tea and coffee so many times, that now we fill like after eating a pack of white sugar.

Drinking coffee and doing business. I was doing a smart face, but didn’t understand almost a single word…

And below a mud-brick house with a PVC window.

Really eclectic style

A house in a cave

This community was exceptional, because just on the other side of the road settlement set up. Bad neighbourhood… And so, Palestinians suffered demolitions and confiscations.  Vineyard depicted below has been confiscated. Just like that. One day it is yours, you grow and pick your grapes and the next day you watch the Thai hired by Israeli picking the grapes for them.  Just five or ten meters from your own house – that might be demolished any time, by the way (second picture below).

Grape field on the right that has been confiscated by the Israeli settlers. Houses on the left – belong to the Palestinians, who used to posses the grape field.

This is what has been left from the Palestinian house after Israeli bulldozers payed it a visit.

Workout time !

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