Yet another day in the beautiful Jorday Valley

There was a special event in the Jordan Valley today: about 30 volunteers were gathered to do a common work and get familiar with the conditions in the JV. Some of the volunteers were medical doctors and were giving free consultations for the local Palestinians. The rest of the gorup were both Palestinians and internationals working in Palestine. We joined them in the morning in Bardala and after short introduction given by Fathy – local leader, we proceeded to an old lady’s small mud-brick house in order to renovate it.

on the car – on the way for the adventure !

House owner

Working on the roof with other volunteers

Making order in the backyard

After a few hours of work we moved to the Bedouins village where we handed toys and blackboard that we had bought for the school with Paulina before.

Our small present for the school used by Ibrahim – the teacher

I bet these kids don’t get so many presents too often. Everyone was playing, taking pictures, and the children with Palestinians flags painted on their faces were running around.

Fight is what happens when children get presents….

In the afternoon we were invited for a meal to the village: chicken with rice and super delicious sauces. Yummy.

Meal in the village

We finished this another fantastic day in theJordanValleywith a meal prepared by Paulina on fire 🙂

Paulina cooking


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