Al Jiftlik Village – our new home

Al Jiftlik is a small village located in a Jordan Valley, around 80km North East from Jerusalem – controversial capital of two conflicted authorities: Israeli and Palestinian. Very rich and hydrated soil, at this time of a year is flashy green and extensively cultivated.

Landscape in Al Jiftlik surroundings

Although before 1967 all this land belonged to the Palestinian people within the former Jordan territory, nowadays most of the cropping do not belong to the indigenous people. It is because Al Jiftlik is settled in so called Area C which covers 50% of the Jordan Valley, populated by around 58.000 Palestinians, and staying under full Israeli control. This means progressing land confiscation, house demolitions, restrictions in establishing new houses and agriculture by Palestinian people. Although many rich water springs exist under their feet, Palestinians living in Al Jiftlik surroundings do not have access to the running water and electricity. Majority of 15.000 Bedouins (semi nomadic herding people and are core to Palestinian tradition and culture) living in the Jordan Valley inhabits plastic tents which become dark and chilly after the sunset. At this time of the year it is around 5:00 pm. Then, the only bright spots in the dark surroundings are the Israeli settlements in which people live in brick houses with access to running water, sewerage and light.

Bedoiuns’ living tents

Our organisation´s headquarter in which we currently live has been built up by volunteers from handmade bricks made of mud. There is a simple toilet (hole in the ground), a makeshift shower and a sink with cold but running water, and access to electricity. We don´t have an oven, food is prepared on hearth. When it´s raining the dish washing area and part of the living room start leaking. The house is constantly open cause… there is no proper entry door. It is prohibited to introduce any goods produced in Israel as a form of boycott. We don´t posses any animals except of Sandra – one-humped dromader camel 🙂

House inside

Our bedroom

Preparing food

Sandra 🙂

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1 Response to Al Jiftlik Village – our new home

  1. Hope you remember me? We met at JVSM when I introduced the new Yanoun EAPPI team. I’m back in South Africa, but my heart is still in Palestine! Nice to read your blog, thanks. MM.

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