Raquel’s flying circus

We started our first day in Al Jiftlik from a crazy car ride with 6(!) other people around the Al Jiftlik surrounding Bedouins communities. We were joined by Raquel – Spanish volunteer and journalist living in Ramallah. She invented an interesting project: altogether with Palestinian children she built a paper camera oscura, explained how it works, later on she distributed single-use cameras and let children play with them! Next day we collected name-signed cameras and the developed pictures will return to the kids in a week or so.

Raquel and the kids building camera oscura

Young engineer

These kids have a very difficult life here. Their only playground is field of mud, so such event is a real adventure for them. When they were cutting out the paper elements of camera oscura we heard an Arabic word ‘muhandis’ which means ‘engineer’. It is quite a depressive feeling – none of them will probably ever get a chance to become an engineer…

One of the kids from the community

Maciek and the kids gathered to build a camera

Kids from the one of the communities

The flying circus visited four Bedouins communities, we were playing with children and chatting with adults. We also had a funny adventure: after the fight between a dog and a donkey the latter one released himself from the string and run away. We decided to bring him back. When helplessly trying to pull the naught animal, we encountered Fatma – one of the community elders. Laughing and shouting she encouraged Paulina to ride a donkey instead of pulling it. The result you can see in the photo (the donkey survived).

Paulina and Fatma riding a donkey

More details about the project involving local children you can find under the link.

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2 Responses to Raquel’s flying circus

  1. Łukasz says:

    To świetny pomysł. Żałuję, że nie porozmawiałem z Wami dłużej przed wyjazdem. Trzymam kciuki!

  2. dzemeuksis says:

    No szkoda że tam na tego biednego osła jeszcze na trzeciego nie wlazłeś. 😉

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