Palestine – our way to Jordan Valley

Next day we started our way to Palestinian Authority. We reached Jerusalem (Al Quds) quite fast because we used Israeli transportation. It started to get harder later on when we started to use Arabic buses and taxi services. The traffic in Jesrusalem was surprisingly heavy, however finally we managed to catch a bus to Abu Dis and the next more suspicious one to Jericho (Richa). It occured to be a taxi (the most expensive) not a bus, however they all look the same… A taxi driver didn’t speak English and first had agreed to take us for 15 NIS, unfortunately later he changed his mind and asked for 50. Normal thing. Maciek did his best and got a bargain for 10 NIS! 😉

After quarrel with a taxi-driver we were dropped off somewhere in Jericho hoping to catch another bus to our final destination – Al Jiftlik. We agreed to enter to one of few Jericho’s restaurants (delicious mint drink!) and later we were directed by a super-kind resaurant owner to another bus station. We spent more or less one hour chatting and barganing with bus-taxi-drivers using   one out of two Arabic expressions we knew.  We attracted attention of German-Palestinian duet agroscientists who we had a nice conversation with. Finally, the driver agreed to our price and we could start our ride in the car filled up to the roof with Arabic dance music.

We arrived safely! 80km in 4 hours, 4 different means of transportation. Good start 🙂

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2 Responses to Palestine – our way to Jordan Valley

  1. dzemeuksis says:

    A jaki obecnie mają tam kurs blondynki względem wielbłąda? Ze 15 dromaderów dadzą?

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