About us

We are Maciek and Paulina, a Polish couple who volunteered in the Jordan Valley in 2011, 2013 and 2014.

In 2011, we were on holiday in Israel when we narrowly missed being caught in a bomb blast on a bus station. This experience made us want to understand one of the world’s most enduring conflicts and led us to volunteer in the West Bank to try to make sense of it all. We spent a month in the Jordan Valley, a territory occupied by Israel. We lived in a Palestinian village in a mud-bricks house without a kitchen or a bathroom, but then with a camel. During our stay in Palestine, we were traveling a lot around the territory and helping local community. We witnessed a house demolition as well as we documented living conditions in the Bedouin villages and refugee camps. All these experiences we were describing in this blog, keeping to the rule to publish only facts we witnessed personally or we were told by trusted people.

After coming back from Palestine we decided to continue our mission and we started to organize meetings, give radio interviews, and get involved in events aiming to raise awareness about the situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, what we also document on this blog.

Privately, we are scientific workers in Barcelona and we are not affiliated with any political organization or party.


Paulina and Maciek in Hebron

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